Information for Students » Sports and Leisure Facilities


Gazi University has various facilities where sports activities can be performed under the guidance of the expert trainers, and where there are 9 open and 12 indoors sports centers; open and closed pools; football pitches, volleyball and basketball courts; fitness and aerobic halls.

Gazi Main Campus Aquatic Centre: Gazi Sports Centre has not only a 25-metre and 8-track semi-olympic swimming pool, but also an training pool as well as an open pool. In the centre, a shooting gallery, massage, sauna and fitness rooms are also available.

Gazi Main Campus Sports Facilities: Gazi Sports Area is the first pitch having taken the certificate of “compatibility with the FIFA standards” after it is checked by the authorities by FIFA. In addition to the football pitch; there are 4 condition rooms, 2 squash rooms, 2 saunas, 2 fin Turkish baths, dressing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, shower cabins, open basketball and volleyball courts.

Gölbaşı Sports Facilities: Gazi Sports Facilities, located on the Gölbaşı Campus, serves for the members of Gazi University who want to spend time in touch with the nature and far away from the city centre. The center, located in a field of the 2500 square-meter, consists of volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts in Olympic dimensions.

Beşevler Sports Facilities: In the Beşevler Sports Facilities, located in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 48 seats, 2 dressing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, 1 dressing room for male and female referees, and showers, 2 fully equipped saunas and 2 fitness rooms are available in addition to the floors in the standard measurements, supported by the anti-static material.


Gazi University is the center of science and culture. At the university several scientific, cultural and social activities are organized within a year. Last year, 300 scientific, cultural and social activities were organized at Gazi University and through these activities the students both had fun and got informed of the world around them.

On the campus, lots of recreational places where students can spend their leisure time, such as Blue House (Mavi Ev), Rural House (Kır Evi) and Gölbaşı Social Facilities are available.

The Blue House (Mavi Ev): Gazi University is a place where students’ social and cultural needs are of utmost importance. Blue House (Mavi Ev) is an obvious proof depicting this privilege given to the students. The Blue House (Mavi Ev) provides students with the following opportunities: playing table tennis, billiards, chess and PC games; watching movies with the help of computers and DVDs with the Internet access; and enjoying some other activities like resting, reading, listening to the music and chatting on each floor of the Blue House (Mavi Ev), which is decorated with highly comfortable furniture. The Blue House (Mavi Ev) is open between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00, except Sundays, for all members of Gazi University.

Culture Center: Gazi University Culture Center, which is located on the central campus and with the capacity of 700 people, hosts lots of social activities, such as graduation parties, meals and other social gatherings. Within the social facilities, there is another elegant and luxurious hall with a la carte of 50 people.

The Rural House (Kır Evi): The Rural House (Kır Evi) is another vital social center owning a beautiful location in touch with the nature, an elaborative architectural plan, and the qualified constructional materials. In the Rural House (Kır Evi), symbolizing the change, development and aesthetic dimension of Gazi University, you can eat meals, drink coffee and chat with friends.

Gölbaşı Social Facilities: Gölbaşı Social Facilities is an address of the qualified service for not only the members of Gazi University, but also all people living in Ankara, with its hotel, café, conference room equipped with the latest technology, its integrated sports center, and the amazing lake view.