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Being one of the established and leading universities of Turkey, Gazi University is the centre of attraction not only for education, but also for social, cultural, artistic, sports facilities and accommodation, scholarship and education abroad.

Located in the centre of Ankara, Gazi University is close to many districts, dormitories, guest houses, and shopping centres. From entertainment and culture to shopping and food, it provides students with all modern urban facilities and bears the advantages of being a civic university. Transportation is quite easy for students. Thanks to being a civic university, Gazi University provides students with great convenience. The fact that the faculties are situated nearby metro stations in Maltepe, Beşevler and Emek and that the transportation by buses and minibuses are in the same line is of vital importance to the convenience of inner city transportation.

Normally, 350 Euros can be enough for a student’s living.



Below you can find TL-Euro based prices



50 Kuruş

30 Euro cents

A cup of coffee in moderate coffee shop

2-4 TL

1-2 Euros

1 lt. water in grocer’s

1 TL

50 Euro cents


4 TL

2 Euros


2 TL

1 Euro

1 kg. sugar

3.5 TL

1,5 Euro

1 kg. chicken

6 TL

3 Euros

A dozen of eggs

4 TL

2 Euros

1 kg. veal

25-30 TL

15 Euros

1 lt. vegetable oil

4 TL

2 Euros

Bus/Subway ticket for students

1.30 TL

56 Euro cents

1 lt. fuel oil

4 TL

2 Euros

Movie ticket for students

8-10 TL

5 Euros

Theater ticket in the campus

2 TL

1 Euro

Opera ticket for students

2 TL

1 Euro