Information for Students » Facilities for Students with Special Needs

The Counseling Unit for Disabled Students in Gazi University was founded to enact necessary regulations to enhance the academic, physical, psychological, and social lives of disabled students who study in this university. The Counseling Unit for Disabled Students has created a network for disabled students to communicate among themselves and made it easy for them to make use of social and cultural facilities.

Studies concerning the disabled students who study in Gazi University are carried out by a committee composed of administrative units and related faculty coordinators.

A community named as “Unhindered Gazi Community”, founded for disabled students to be organized among themselves, provides solidarity with students from other universities.

The project named as ‘volunteer reading- audio book’ is performed every year for disabled students to reach more books with the cooperation of Community Volunteer Foundation.

In cooperation with the Community Volunteers Foundation, social lives of the handicapped students of both Gazi University and other universities are enriched through such activities as the Goal Ball Tournament, also known as a voice ball game, “Always on My Mind” Project (Aklım Sende), picnics and meals.

This department, also serving as the Unit of Student Counseling, carried out 272 individual meetings and 600 individual psychological counseling services under the guidance of the psychological counsels last year.