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Our students play an active role in most of the activities organized at Gazi University. Student clubs and communities, serving in accordance with the Administrative Unit of Health, Culture, and Sports, provide students with the opportunities to come together from different faculties and organize various social events. There are also other special clubs and communities performing in faculties and departments, except the general ones performing under the coordination of Administrative Unit of Health, Culture, and Sports.

There are 150 active student clubs within Gazi University. The domains of these clubs include politics, sports, literature, poem, dance, science, and philosophy. Volunteering students participate in the winter sports, artistic activities, or scientific projects, and spend their leisure time for their personal and social developments.

In such rich social and cultural activities, students having the qualified academic education at Gazi University, develop their identities and characters, reinforce their self-confidence, and prepare for the business life. Administrative Unit of Health, Culture, and Sports provides financial and technical support for these activities in order to them popular among students.

Student Clubs and Communities:

Gazi University Theatre Club (GÜTİK)
Gazi University Turkish Music Community
Gazi University Turkish Folk Music Community
Gazi University Community Nature Sports Search and Rescue Center (GÜDAK)
Gazi University Amerikan Football Club
Gazi University Cinema and Video Club
Gazi University Motor Sports Club
Gazi University Hope Building Club
Gazi University Social Responsibility Club
Gazi University Unhindered Gazi Club
Gazi University Ahi Evran Cultural Community
Gazi University Volunteering European Enterprise Community