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As one of the biggest university libraries, Gazi University Central Library has 11.000 m² areas of use. In the library, with the capacity of 1500 seats, there are 198 personal study spaces and 200 Internet connection points in total in different parts of the building. In the library there are different parts for the general collections, counseling resources, library of Atatürk, periodicals, teaching materials, theses, art collection, special collection and visual-audio collections.

In the collection of the central library, students have the opportunity to reach 225.422 written documents, 101.493 electronic books, 78.596 bound journals, 46.337 electronic journals, 1.163 written journals, 13.011 written master’s and doctoral theses, 2.100.000 foreign theses and 5.498 Gazi Univesity electronic graduate theses. Students can make use of online databases using 200 computers, reach the subscribed-electronic journals, use the internet for scientific purposes, and scan the library catalogue using the OPAC stations within the library. In addition, it is possible for students to scan the central library catalogues, use the subscribed-electronic journals, and make use of the online databases without coming to the library and in their own faculties through the website of the library.

Furthermore, there are 1.018 audio books and 143 books written with the Braille alphabet for the visual-impaired students. For the publications not available in the central library, academic members are provided with the opportunity to reach the publications they need through the “inter-library collaboration” and by bringing the copies of the borrowed books and articles from the domestic and foreign libraries.

In order to inform the new-coming students about the library services and the knowledge sources, an orienteering program is organized at the beginning of each academic year.

Gazi University has a highly developed information and technology base. At the university there are 11.560 computers in total. The capacity of the 90 computer labs available at the university is 2.454 people. Thanks to such a developed base, our students have the opportunity to reach the newest information and technology instantly.