Programme Information
Design concept, which is multi-directional, multi-dimensional idea and realization process, is considered under two main topic as an applied field in this program. Fields at issue are Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design. The differention is not mainly because of the process; but the quality of the subject being studied. Intellectual capital increasingly gains importance for design related sectors. In our country design concept needs sensible and equipped, intellectually well educated human power; a porfessional process as much as a strgong financial structure. Design and its subtitles take their place among major sectors for our country with their direct and indirect contributions. Design sector has reached to position of being locomotive and key sector triggering improvements and developments of other sectors. Being a product of culture, design also creates its own culture. Design culture is an interdisciplinary culture and it is shaped by political, economical and social power while being strongly attached with social formations and technology. Aim of the program is to make scientific researches and create academic knowledge about all concepts in relation with design and current issues, problems, problem fields about design in a developing and changing world.