Program Learning Outcomes
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Theoretical, Factual
- Ability to have the knowledge and understanding about Industrial Design research covering the latest developments related to the field of systematic knowledge, learning and assessment strategies.
- Ability to have and use knowledge and understanding other areas related to the field used in the interface between the inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, transdisciplinary research strategies, tactics and techniques.
Cognitive, Practical
- Within the framework of theory, s/he has the ability to dialectically conduct an academic research based on the most advanced specialized skills and techniques, including the synthesis and evaluation necessary to identify and solve problems and to expand and redefine existing knowledge or professional practice, and to engage dialogue with its outcomes.
Ability to work independently and take responsibility
- In the context of academic or professional competence at the highest level: the development of new ideas or processes in a remarkable authority, innovation, independence, academic and professional stability is revealed.
- Ability to behave as a leader in working and learning conditions that includes a large amount of interrelated and multi-factor problems that need to be solved.
Learning Competence
- Has a high level of competence in learning processes based on the goal of technological, social and cultural advancement in the field.
Communication and Social Competence
- Ability to use one foreign language at a level of European Language Portfolio C1 General Level for advanced written, verbal and visual communication and debate/discussion
Field-based Competence
- Ability to develop a qualified study based on authentic research that worth to be published in national and international refereed journals.
- Ability to analyze, evaluate and synthesize complicated problems with a critical approach that related with Industrial Design field.
- Ability to support the progress of social, scientific, cultural and ethical values related with Industrial Design field, ability to contribute to the solutions of problems, be active in the decision making processes.