Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Ability to have advanced knowledge and understanding for original work in Industrial Design on the basis of competences acquired at the undergraduate level.
2- Ability to have critical awareness between Industrial Design and other fields about the problems concerning with the nature and resources of knowledge, generating knowledge generation and testing of knowledge.
3- Ability of specialized problem solving to develop new methods and knowledge and to integrate/combine the knowledge from other fields.
4- Ability to conduct an academic research and academic dialogue on the basis of critical and categorical results.
5- Ability to apply/implement acquired knowledge, conception and problem solving skills with new and non-conventional environments.
6- Ability to behave independently and take responsibility in Industrial Design education fields and to join in a work or design project as a team member or to manage it independently.
7- Ability to direct or last field related study on his/her own.
8- Ability to interactively use computer software and information and communication technologies at an advanced level.
9- Ablility to use one foreign language at least a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level for both written and verbal communication.
10- Ability to produce comprehensive projects in Industrial Design field by using acquired knowledge, conception and skills with interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches
11- Ability to improve strategies, policies and application plans related to the field of Industrial Design and to evaluate obtained results within the framework of quality processes.
12- Ability to conduct an academic research in a systematic and critical way. Ability to present conference paper and to make publications in national and international environments.