Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Having knowledge about basic concepts and commanding of literature related with guidance and psychological counseling at the level of master’s degree and analyzing theoretical relations of these information.
2- Becoming skilful at researching, recognizing, assessing and following the literature about school psychological counseling area.
3- Being knowledgeable about the current issues, concerns and tendencies in school psychological counseling area.
4- Developing abilities in participating professional activities related with school psychological counseling.
5- Having ability to conceptualizing the client’s problems, doing case formulation, directing the process, reporting results according to specific approaches in psychological counseling.
6- Applying the principles and techniques of psychological counseling on clients who have different individual characteristics in different counseling environments (education, health, industry etc…). (counseling case management, counseling case process and reporting results).
7- Having knowledge related with the theories, principles, techniques and process of group counseling, developing basic group counseling skills and applying them in different group settings.
8- Knowing the basic concepts, principles and techniques, theories and measurement instruments related with vocational guidance and career counseling and applying them to different individuals in various career counseling settings.
9- Knowing the principles and techniques related with social sciences and applying them to the research process and reporting results.
10- Developing the data collection tools , used in scientific research process, as appropriate to scientific criteria.
11- Knowing the qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, using appropriate data collection methods during the research process, analyzing these qualitative and quantitative data and reporting the results.
12- Comparing the theories of family and marriage counseling with each other, choosing and applying appropriate intervention methods related with family and marriage counseling during helping process.
13- Becoming skilful at planning, preparing/developing, applying and assessing the school psychological counseling and guidance programs.
14- Following and examining the national and international academic publishing related with psychological counseling and guidance program and knowing how to use these information in academic studies.
15- Having a good perspective on life-long development and following the current issues in counseling program.