Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Develops and deepens his / her knowledge in the field of Information Systems at the level of expertise depending on his / her undergraduate qualifications.
2- Comprehends the interaction between information systems and related disciplines.
3- Uses the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in Information Systems at the level of expertise.
4- Interprets the information acquired in Information Systems with the information coming from related disciplines and creates new information.
5- Solves the problems in Information Systems by using scientific research methods.
6- Carries out a study that requires expertise about Information Systems independently.
7- Develops new approaches to the complex problems faced in applications in Information Systems.
8- Takes responsibility for the complex problems encountered in applications in Information Systems and produces solutions.
9- Takes the initiative in environments requiring information systems to be solved.
10- Evaluates information about Information Systems critically and directs learning.
11- To be able to transfer the developments in Information Systems and his / her studies systematically in written, oral and visual form.
12- They can develop social relations and the values that direct these relations critically and transform them when necessary.
13- Communicate verbally and in writing using a foreign language (B2 level of European Language Portfolio).
14- Uses the level of computer software required by Information Systems.
15- Uses information and communication technologies at an advanced level required by Information Systems.
16- Collects, interprets, concludes, applies and shares the data related to Information Systems considering ethical values.
17- Develops different perspectives on information systems, determines policies, makes plans and evaluates the results within the framework of quality.
18- Internalizes the information gained in Information Systems, converts them into skills and uses them in interdisciplinary studies.