Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Has sufficient knowledge of the basic concepts of geography and the geography is dominated by the methodology and understand the philosophy of science.
2- Legislation relating to the profession, knowing their rights, act in accordance with basic principles and values.
3- Theory of regions, the model explains the principles and generalizations, generalizations of the basic principles of geography, light, event, establishes the relationship between geography and other sciences to explain phenomena and geographical processes.
4- Located in the geography of science concepts, theories, models, principles, generalizations, lesson plans and activities directed toward methods and techniques. Makes planning lessons on the internal and external applications for geography.
5- The design of the teaching-learning process, taking into account the presence, level ready students.
6- Geography education - education selects and uses technology necessary for teaching activities.
7- Individual differences of students, active participation, social interaction, selects the most appropriate teaching methods and techniques, taking into account factors such as the achievements of the school and environmental conditions.
8- Contemporary issues in the context of teaching and learning approaches determine the permanent and effective learning-oriented teaching materials.
9- Planning, problem solving and decision making skills in preparation for the development of the project and will have the ability to manage.
10- Students taking into account the multifaceted nature, various measurement and evaluation techniques for evaluating the process until the product is used in an effective way.
11- Do research in order to access information sources, databases and other information resources, evaluate the accuracy and timeliness of the information obtained from different sources ..
12- Have and use geographical inquiry skills in education.
13- Information and Communication Technologies in level to support other teachers who can teach the courses and their knowledge of software and hardware; The use of information and communication technologies and communicate using these technologies.
14- Would dominate the use of geographic information system for teaching geography.
15- Make regulations relating to land work skills.
16- Will have positive attitudes toward nature and people.
17- Geography able to use foreign resources required for foreign language teaching and learning and have the skills to communicate with colleagues.
18- Adheres to professional and ethical rules and has the responsibility to take part in collaborative applications.
19- Produces projects aimed at solving current problems of the society and the teaching profession while playing or while working another job, researchers or data collection source of data, analysis, interpretation, dissemination social stages, scientific, observe the professional and ethical values
20- Ability to organize projects and activities for the social environment with social responsibility and have the ability to apply them.