Programme Information

Faculties of Medicine have begun toquestion their own educational programs, and as a consequent of this, they havemade major changes in them. Programs have started to focus more on the primaryhealth problems of the society. The topics such as assessment and evaluation,educational program development, evaluation of the program and student-centeredactive education models such as problem-based learning have seen more frequently.

Postgraduate education of Medical Educationare held in many countries of the world. Medical Education Departments, whichhave been established in different faculties of medicine in different countriesmany years ago and started to be established in our country since 1999, play animportant role in these changes and innovative applications. There is a needfor the training of workforce to conduct academic studies and research in thedepartments of Medical Education or Medical Education and Informatics.Therefore presence of doctoral programs is necessary.

In the light of these developments andrequirements, Gazi University Medical Faculty Medical Education Department, whichwas established in 2004, has initiated the Medical Education Doctorate Programto contribute to the institutionalization of the field, to share its knowledgeand experience, and to contribute to the institutions related to Medical Education.

The aim of the program is to bring thesecompetencies to students who are currently working in the field of MedicalEducation or want to work in this field: Necessary competencies in the field ofmedical education (knowledge, skills, and attitudes), critical reading,conducting research and publishing in Medical Education.

The target group of the program is thefaculty members and assistants who are working full-time in the departments ofMedical Education and who wish to study/work in their departments; physicianswho plan to study/work in the Ministry of Health and related institutions; practitioners/specialistswho wish to pursue an academic career in Medical Education. After graduation,it is possible to work in Medical Education Departments of Medical Faculties orother units related to education.