Programme Information
First histology and embriyology lesson was told in 1981-1982 to second year medical school students. Lessons were told by Pathology Department. The first teaching member of the department is Doç. Dr. (Associate professor) M. Tahir Hatiboğlu. The chiefs of the deparment were: Prof. Dr. M. Tahir Hatiboğlu (1982 - 1983), Prof Dr. Yüksel Saran (1983 - 1984), Prof. Dr. Deniz Erdoğan (1984 - ). On October 1983 Müfide Görgün, the histology and embriyology assistant of Gazi University Faculty of Dentisry, was assigned to G.U. Faculty of Medicine as the first assistant . In 02.05.1984, Doç. Dr. Deniz Erdoğan, a teaching member of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, was assigned to GUFM and established the department. Our Department’s Research Possibilities All investigations that can be held with our department’s technical equipment are done. Ultrastructural studies are done with electron microscope. All studies with light microscope and, Immünohistochemical studies are done