Programme Information
Candidates to apply for the Ph.D. program; a) in accordance with the Executive Board of the Institute and the Senate approved master's degree in a science degree or a minimum of ten semesters, excluding preparatory classes, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Science faculties of high schools, the Ministry of Health held a bachelor's degree or branch of a laboratory on the basis have gained the authority of expertise, b) when there is a department of Master of Science degree, wants to do a PhD in a different department if the department doctoral committee will make the decision to apply with the compliance letter and approved by the Board of the Institute of Directors, c) the type of points in the program should please contact LES at least 55/100 take ALES or equivalent by the University Council, and international levels considered acceptable GRE or GMAT score of at least equivalent to have an ALES exam, d) The NSS at least 55/100 adopted by the Board to take an exam or university to obtain a score equivalent to these points required.