Programme Information
There are 13 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 asistant professors, 2 Post-doctorate researchers, 3 specialists and 25 phd students in the department of Periodontology. The department of Periodontology consist of places for working and resting clinic and operation room for instructors. There are 38 dental unit in our clinic 30 units for students and instructors and in operation room 8 units for periondontal surgery practice. There are some reseach themes like periodontal diseases immunology, microbiology, biochemistry implant surgery. There are 4 nurses and 3 secretaries in department of periodontology. To date 51 phD students had the title of ''''''''''''''''Doctor of Periodontology'''''''''''''''' and 3 students had the title of "Periodontology Specialist" after succesfully completing thier studies.  Periodontology, oral and dental Health of Community, and implantology lessons are given by the Departmentof Periodontology and note system of the university is used.