Programme Information
Ph.D. program in the Conservation of Cultural Properties was founded in 2013 under the Institute of Fine Arts at Gazi University. PhD program contains conservation and restoration of art and cultural heritage belonging to movable and / or immovable of archaeological and ethnographic qualification. The program aims at training specialists and science people having the required skills  to carry  out scientific  studies and research; to develop and define methodologies; to perform applications and evaluate the application results, with developed technical knowledge and skills,  with the ability  to follow  and comment on conservation practices at home and in the world  both theoretically and technically who can contribute to the  fulfillment of  needs at home. In this way, the students have assimilated the basic principles of conservation science in accordance with their own preferences, for example, stone conservation, mosaic conservation, painting conservation, textile conservation, paper conservation, wood conservation etc. the way will be opened in areas of specialization.Outside specializations directly based on the types of materials, such as museums, archaeological sites, conservation areas and  building materials will be presented for the opportunities of specialization.