Programme Information

To train graduate students with following key qualities; develop unique design skills, participating and exhibiting with skillfull and significant productivity, able to involve in interdisciplinary projects, well-developed theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to adapt to industry easily, able to use new and emerging technologies in the field of design, competence in professional and social self-confidence.

Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of Gazi University (GU) aims to become a centre of excellence in teaching and research in design technologies. Our visin is to become a centre; with research excellence using contemporary science and technology, adopted to principles of lifelong learning and teaching, carrying the department and the university top positions in world ranking with world class academic, teaching and research activities while continously updating infrastructure, developing novel  knowledge transfer projects for soccial and industrial benefits, compliant to envireonmental awareness in product design, developing interdisciplinary collaborations, respectfull for ethical values and attracts world-wide post-graduate students.