Programme Information

The Ph.D. degree is awarded to students who complete their Ph.D. program courses properly and whose overall grade average is 2.5 out of 4. Ph.D. Qualifying examination and prepare and present  the thesis for the period envisaged by the regulation. The first semester in economics doctorate program is basically theoretical in the field of Micro and Macro Economics Information on Social Development, EU Economy and Turkey-EU Relations, Growth and Development Literature, Advanced Monetary Analysis course and Science Philosophy and Economics Methodology courses are given in the middle / advanced level. All courses are elective courses. In the second semester the seminar course is compulsory and the remaining courses must be selected. The elective courses of the second semester are: Technology Economy, New World Order and Globalization, Economic History of Turkey, Financing of Development, Industrial Economics, Comparative Economics Politics, Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, Open Economy Macro Modeling Labor Market and Politics. The aim of the doctoral program; student, to make independent research, to interpret the scientific events with a broad and deep perspective, to make comments and to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses.