Programme Information

The PhD Degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the required number of courses specified by the Department and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5/4, pass a PhD Qualifying Examination, prepare a thesis and have the Dissertation Defense as required.The compulsory courses of the first semester are: Advanced Microeconomics and Recent Development in Macroeconomic Theory. The elective courses of the first semester involves: Science Philosophy and Economic Methodology, Social Development, Development Lectures, European Union Economy and Turkey EU Relations. The compulsory courses of the second semester are: Computable General Equilibrium Modeling and Open Economy Macro Modellings.The elective courses of the second semester involves: Economics of Technology, New World Order and Globalization, Turkish Economic History, Finance of Development, Industrial Economics, Comparative Economic Policies and Theories of Political Economy. The PhD in Economics Degree has the following objectives: (1) To supply an overall and comprehensive outlook for the economic theory issues, (2) To develop analytical skills to understand the economic concepts, (3) To provide methods in analyzing economic theory phenomena, (4) To improve research skills in economic problems.