Program Learning Outcomes
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1- To be able to interpret current and advanced knowledge in the field based on graduate qualifications.
2- To be able to interpret the statistical methods that should be used in his / her studies in the field of nursing.
3- To be able to develop a new idea, method, design and / or practice that brings innovation to the field of nursing in accordance with the scientific process
4- To be able to independently produce an original study that brings innovation to the field of nursing and develops a new idea, method, design and / or practice.
5- To be able to use technological equipments and programs at the level required by nursing field.
6- To be able to publish the original work as an international article / paper.
7- To be able to use professional ethical principles and values in the solution of social, scientific, cultural and ethical problems encountered in the field of nursing.
8- To be able to adapt lifelong learning process and principles to professional practices.
9- To be able to take the lead in the solution of professional and social problems
10- To be able to use high level mental processes such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in their professional practices
11- To be able to provide appropriate nursing services to different cultural structures.
12- To be able to use effective communication skills.
13- To cooperate with other disciplines in necessary cases
14- To be able to enlighten the society for the protection and promotion of community health.
15- To be able to determine nursing models and theories that can be used in accordance with the field
16- To be able to interpret health strategies and policies