Recognition of Prior Learning
A research assistant who has completed at least one semester in a graduate program of the Institute or another higher education institution and has received at least two courses per semester has been successfully accomplished, if requested, the proposal of the head of the department concerned and the same can switch horizontally to the program. A candidate applying for a transition must meet the minimum requirements in the relevant article of the Regulation.

Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana are implemented within the framework of the relevant legislation and the principles set by the Senate.

A student who has successfully completed at least eight credits in a graduate program in any doctoral degree program in the Institute and who has successfully completed a master''s degree program in the same discipline (same program for non-science programs) Prograta adaptation of the student who is deemed to be appropriate for the student''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s request, the proposal of the related chairmanship and the decision of the relevant institute board of directors is made.