Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The evaluation is implemented based on the principles set forth in Gazi University Statute of Instruction and Examination. Grading principles for courses with special evaluation are announced by faculty member(s) to the students and the department in the beginning of the semester. 100 is the full point in the assessment of exams. The relative weights of midterm examinations and final examination are submitted to the Registrar's Office. Based on grades and associated weights, final points are determined by the course instructor. As featured in the table below, considering the average and statistical distribution of the final points and general class performance, final grades are given.

A grade of (E) is given to a student who provides supporting evidence through genuine and valid documentation of illness or other reason which has prevented her/him from completing the necessary course work. E grades are finalized as FF, unless revised until the beginning of the following semester. A student who holds either of the grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) is considered successful in that course. Grades below CC (i.e. DC, DD, FD and FF) are considered to be unsuccessful.

The grades of B, K, and M are not included in the calculation of GPA.

Attendance to the final examination is mandatory for successful completion of a course.

The grade M is granted for courses that a transfer student has taken earlier and the course's equivalency with the programme is approved by the Faculty Executive Board upon the request of the department.

Grade Point Averages: The student's standing is calculated in the form of a GPA and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), and announced at the end of each semester by the Registrar's Office. The total credit points for a course are obtained by multiplying the grade point of the final grade by the credit hours. In order to obtain the GPA for any given semester, the total credit points earned in that semester are divided by the total credit hours. The CGPA is calculated by taking into account all the courses taken by a student from the first semester to the last semester and those are recognized as valid by the department in which she/he is registered.

The criterion for degree classification is:

- Başarılı (Satisfactory) 3.00 - 4.00