Programme Information
Department of orthodontics has been giving both educational and clinical services with 13 professors, 5 associated professor,  and 27 postgraduate students. Department of orthodontics has two clinic with 22 dental units, 1 meeting room, 1 laboratory for academic staff, 5 rooms for Ph.D students, and 12 rooms for the department members. Department’s main areas of research are ‘orthodontic treatment principles’ and ‘clinic applications in orthodontics.  Sixtyone Ph.D degrees have been awarded by the department since its establishment. Twenty seven  graduate students are continuing their education in the postdoctoral program offered by the department. A passing grade pertaining to a course is calculated through adding the mid-term scores and final examination scores according to the percentage announced by the University at the beginning of the academic year. Grading system offered by the university is used during the assessment of the scores.