Program Learning Outcomes
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1- Based on master of science competencies, he improves and deepens high level of knowledge with original thinking and research
2- Using advanced level of knowledge based on master of science competencies, he reaches original definitions that will introduce innovations
3- Grasps interactions with other disciplines and his discipline, he analyzes complicated ideas; synthesizes and reaches original results
4- Evaluates and uses the knowledge in the field by classifying
5- Develops a new application, method, or a thought related to the field
6- Applies a known idea, method, design or application to a different field; searches, understands, designs, adapts and applies a novel issue
7- Makes critical analysis, synthesis and assessment of latest and complicated issues
8- He uses advanced research methods
9- Contributes to progress performing independently on an original study related to the field
10- Enhances the limits of knowledge publishing articles related to the field in national and international journals
11- Leads in original and interdisciplinary studies
12- Develops original methods using advanced mental skills such as critical thinking and creative thinking
13- Analyzes social relations and the values that guide those relations through a critical approach and manages change and transformation when necessary
14- Discusses original issues with specialists of the fields, defends his own opinions and expresses them on an effective way x
15- Having proficiency in a foreign language (European Language Portfolio on C level), he can discuss an issue through a written, verbal and visual communication
16- Contributes to the sustainability and formation of information society, introducing scientific, technological and social advancements related to the field x
17- Establishes functional interactions using decision-making processes by various perspectives in solving possible problems
18- Contributes to solutions of ethical, cultural and scientific problems and supports the developments of these values