Profile of the Programme

The aim of thepre-school education doctoral program is to equip students with morecomprehensive information and to carry out advanced scientific research. Thisprogram aims to increase the quality of the educators who serve in the field ofpre-school education, to train equipped educators in the field and tocontribute to the professional development of the educators. Also, to trainmore competent, in-depth knowledge owners in the field, to give scientificinformation to the field, to produce science and spread knowledge, to conductscientific studies that will guide pre-school educators and families,discussing the results of the researches at scientific meetings and thuscontributing to the development of pre-school education are the primary goalsof the program.

In the program, thereare many alternative courses that students can choose according to theirinterests. As long as the credit quota is sufficient, students can take as manycourses as they want in a given period. In addition, the program allows takingcourses in the university or in other universities and fields. However, thecourse taken by a different field or university is determined by the decisionof the board of directors to be counted as a credit to be completed forgraduation.

 Mode of Study: Full Time