Program Learning Outcomes
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Theoretical, Factual
- Based on master level competencies and postgraduate qualification in the field of classroom teaching, develops up to date information, develops the level of expertise in original thinking and / or research, deepens and reaches the definition about science and innovation.
- Builds relationships between different disciplines in the field of classroom teacher education, reaches original results by taking into consideration of expertise in new and complex ideas, information analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
Cognitive, Practical
- Approaches to new information in the field in a systematic way and conducts advanced research in the field.
- Brings innovations in science to develop a new scientific method or a known method is applied to a different area, and performs an original research design.
- Makes critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas.
Ability to work independently and take responsibility
- Produces an original work in the field of classroom teaching by using the scientific method.
- Publishes scientific articles in national or international refereed journals related to the field and expands the level of knowledge in the field
- Be a leader in original and interdisciplinary studies related to the field.
- Conducts studies by aware of the responsibilities of being the member of a team or as an individual.
Learning Competence
- Develops new ideas and methods related to the field by using high-level mental processes.
- Teaching processes are maintained in the interactive and ethical grounds.
- Develops and implements effective teaching strategies to gain knowledge and skills relevant to the field.
Communication and Social Competence
- Social relations and norms governing these relationships are viewed from a critical perspective, develops them, and makes necessary actions to manage change.
- Defends his/herr unique opinions in meetings related to the field.
- Uses a foreign language at least at the level of European Language Portfolio C1 and uses verbal and written communication.
- Communicates considering cultural differences in national and international studies.
Field-based Competence
- Introduces society about classroom teaching in the field of academic and professional contexts, technological, social and cultural progress and contributes to the development of the information society.
- Uses the strategic decision making process in the solution of problems related to the field and functionally interacts with people and institutions.
- Procuces solutions with respect to his/her field about social, scientific and ethical issues and supports the development of these values in national and international settings.