Profile of the Programme
Mission 1: Raising experts, researchers, administrators, and inspectors in the field of educational sciences for Ministry of National Education and other public institutions, and for non-governmental organizations operating in private sector and education field. (2) Raising instructors in parallel with increasing capacity demand for higher education. (3) Guide studies related to education and instruction that enable high quality teachers raise in Gazi University and that help increase the quality of raising teachers. (4) Increase the professional competencies of administrators, inspectors, experts, and teachers employed in Ministry of National Education and other public institutions and in non-governmental institutions in private sector and education field. Vision: The vision of the Department of Educational Administration, Inspection, Planning, and Economy is to raise experts, administrators, inspectors, and researchers who have leadership abilities and other high-level abilities that society needs and who are idealists, meet the changing and developing requirements of Turkish education system, produce studies for research and development that guide the change and transformation in Turkish education system and carry out education and research activities aligned with world-wide standards.