Programme Information

The main aim of the program is; the field of use isincreasing day by day with the basic knowledge and skills needed by the sectorwhere the rubber and plastic products are produced and to train the equippedtechnicians who will contribute to the identification or solution of theproblems that will be encountered in the sector.


Our students will graduate with 144 ECTS credits atthe end of 2 years. The courses are given as theoretical, practical, compulsoryand elective. Our Tire and Plastics Technicians who have a very wide workingarea have the opportunity to make a vertical transition to Chemistry andManufacturing Engineering undergraduate programs with DGS (Vertical TransferExam) made by ÖSYM if they want to continue their career opportunities after 2 yearshave finished.


The laboratory conditions provided to students underour program help them to make the theoretical knowledge they have learned inthe lessons practical. In addition, they are confronted with the applicationareas of the program itself due to the technical visits made to the factory atcertain intervals.


Especially the officials in the factories located inthe ankara region sometimes come to give seminars to the students of the tireand plastic technology program and even to teach at certain periods for certaincourses. In this respect, the gathering of the students and the people who workin the sector and have experience changes the perspective of the students inthe profession and the sector.


Thanks to the knowledge, skills and experience theyhave gained within the scope of our tire and plastic technology program, ourstudents have the opportunity to work all over the factories located in Ankara.These opportunities are provided by the students themselves, as well as by thetire and plastic technology program and contracts made with theuniversity-based factories. In accordance with the agreements made with thefactories, our students benefit from scholarship and internship opportunitieswithin the learning process. In addition, students who have successfullycompleted the learning process can easily find jobs in factories that requirecontracts.