Programme Information
Traditional Handicrafts Programme, which is a traditional handicraft products and artistic value of investigating, can create new designs, use a combination of technology, the size of traditional handicrafts is established in order to train professional staff. Education and training activities in one hand, the studies are given to the revival of traditional Turkish handicrafts, on the other hand the understanding of contemporary art being created for the design and original products. Thus, students who graduated from both the manufacturer and as an administrator work at private institutions, by establishing their own businesses and are qualified to operate freely grown. Vocational high schools Decorative Crafts, Crafts, Crafts Technology, Hand and Machine Embroidery, Apparel, Home Accessories, Embroidery program graduates "Traditional Crafts" transition without examination may apply for associate degree programs. At the end of two years of school education, Carpet, Rug, Cicim, Zili, Sumac, the multiplier Weaving, Handicraft Design, Wood Painting, Natural Dyeing, Felt, Folkloric Dolls, Leather, Embroidery and Knitting in the field of education to give practical and theoretical, knowledgeable and to train qualified personnel. Also within the scope of issues today's trends will benefit the construction of appropriate techniques and materials, clothing and home accessories, design and product development training given to the basic techniques are also provided.