Programme Information


Pathology is a discipline investigating reasons of diseases, its effecting ways ontissues and organs,especially morphological characteristics of diseased tissueand organs. In this sense, itconstitutes the basis of medicine. It is asteadily improving discipline due to its diagnosis ability of great numbers ofdiseases. Nowadays, these methods have increasinglybeen used in pathologicinvestigations,associated with improving of molecular methods. Besides prospering andinformed pathologists in the field of pathologypossesing great importance inthefield of medicine, technicalpersonnelobtainingqualification in performingprocess except performing microscopic evaluation process areneeded.


With this aim, in the academic year of 2012-2013 our programme firstly gives a two-year degree by teaching staff comprising of 2 Professor, 2 Associate Profesor and 1 lecturer  depending on “Department of Medical Services and Techniques” named “Pathology LaboratoryTechniquesProgramme”.  In our cirriculum,there are also theoretical and practical lessons in the topic of running ofmethods and equipment used in clinical and other research laboratory, making examinationbesides the lessons belonging to basic medical science. When theoretical and alittle practical lessons of programme is performed in high school, stage andother practice is performed in Gazi University Medical Faculty and other healthfoundation. Programme cirriculum  iscarried out by academic personel of our high school  and academic personel of G. U. MedicalFaculty.