Programme Information

Our program, which was opened in 1987 as aMedical Laboratory Program, has been providing 2-year associate degreeeducation with the academic staff of 2 professors, 2 assistant professors and 3lecturers under the name of Medical Laboratory Techniques Program under the MedicalServices and Techniques Department since 2009.

In our curriculum, there are theoretical courses ofbasic medical sciences, as well as practical courses including methods andtechniques used in clinical and research laboratories.The theoretical and laboratory courses of the programare given in our school and internship and professional applications are carriedout in the Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University and other healthinstitutions.The curriculum of the program is carried out incollaboration with the faculty members of the School of Medicine and theFaculty of Medicine.

The aim of our program is to educate well-equipped health technicians who can provide quality health services, can share knowledge, analyze and synthesize, are prone to teamwork and are open to technological developments.