Programme Information

In this program,medical imaging technician candidate students are trained and informed aboutthe principles of equipments used in radiology, nuclear medicine and radiologyoncology. Graduated students are able to prepare the patients for diagnosis andtake the required medical images. Graduated technicians do not have permissionfor self employing but they can work in private and public health institutions.Theoretical and some of the practical lectures are given in our schoolfacilities. But internship and other studies are practiced in Gazi UniversityHospital and other health institutions. Lectures are given by academicians ofour high school and Gazi University Medical Faculty. Due to technologicaladvances in health science and essentialness, programs promise future.Graduates can be employed at the public institutions provided that they getenough grades from KPSS exams. Also, if they are successful at DGS exam, theycan get opportunity of applying to four year (under graduate) educationprograms related to previous programs.