Programme Information
  • The Department of Graphic Design started its education in 2010. Our aim is to educate creative designers who can solve any problem about visual design and use modern current equipment effectively. 
  • The students go through the processes, which involves stages from conceptual design to printed material. Students are encouraged to be involved in sponsored projects. These experiences teach students how to deal with real-life problems related to their careers. 
  • Furthermore, students'''''''' participation in the design competitions are encouraged and supported by the school. 
  • As a result of this stimulating environment, many students of the department have won numerous awards in different design fields, such as posters, magazine covers, packaging design, photography and printmaking, both in the country and abroad. 
  • Graduates can be researchers in their field; they also can work in many commercial institutions such as advertisement agencies, publication institutions, graphic design studios, digital production companies, design departments of television and broadcasting industry. 
  • Graphic program intends to include all kinds of practical and theoretical aspects of the field of study and it aims to equip students with skills to solve a variety of visual design problems, to use contemporary high-technology equipment to train students to become creative and innovative designers.