Programme Information
The Department of Handicrafts  started its education in 2010 – 2011 Academic Year. Undergraduate education in the department is 4 years. Core, vocational elective and elective courses are offered in the programme. Beginning from the second year, students can produce their own designs in practical courses and they can develop themselves by the help of applications towards the market needs. Also students can transfer their studies to computer environment through computer aided design courses. Students can specialize in weaving knitting designs, embroidery designs, leather arts designs, jewelery designs, doll and toy designs, artificial flower and flower arrangement designs professions with the help of updated elective courses. Students who graduate from this department have the title of HANDICRAFTS DESIGNER. This programme aims to equip students with the skills to produce universally valid unique designs. The handicrafts Design and Production Department which is a department of Faculty of Art and Design is located in Gazi University and directed by one department head.