Programme Information
In Public Relations and Publicity Department, the main goal of the program is to educate qualified specialists and professionals in order to provide sector with qualified labour. In addition to Graduate degree, Master and PhD programs are carried out in order to further assist these goals. Program also aims to educate academic staff for the field and educational plans are made in accordance with this goal as a combination of theoretical and practical formations. In this perspective, the program tries to provide students with awareness and  conciousness towards the needs and requirements of the sector and the transformations in the area of communication which change rapidly in accordance with the new developments and innovations in technology. The first 2 year period of the education consists of courses that provide students with competence and perspective in social sciences and communication whereas the remaining 2 year period is designed significantly for individual development of each student in the field of their own choice with the help of optional/selective  courses. Various workshop and internship options are also provided to students in order to present them the opportunity to gain experience in practice and to prepare for the needs of the sector.