Programme Information

Radio, TV and Cinema Department aims to graduate qualified students who have self-reliances academically and practically. In line with this objective, the programme provides the combination of theoretical and practical courses.In this way, our students both have had professional skills and have improved their intelectuals in not only communication field, but also social science as a whole. Our students have the oppurtunity to participate in the production  process with the help of a great number of technical equipments and they can work for “Radio Gazi” which has been broadcasting throughout the city.

The first 2 year period of the education consists of courses that provide students with competence and perspective in social sciences and communication whereas the remaining 2 year period is designed significantly for individual development of each student in the field of their own choice with the help of optional/selective  courses.Various workshop and internship options are also provided to students in order to present them the opportunity to gain experience in practice and to prepare for the needs of the sector.

In addition to Graduate degree, Master and PhD programs arecarried out in order to assist these goals.