Programme Information
Econometrics science, economics, statistics, mathematics and operations research is defined as an intermediate cross section of.In the context of the Economics Department of econometrics, topics discussed the program of theoretical quantitative analysis techniques are supported, the application covers work for. The empirical analysis of the structure of the theoretical courses in the program yapılmalarını theoretical and applied are processed. Department of statistics, econometrics, operations research and Econometrics section, consisting of a four-year Bachelor training under way during the course of pursuing a common program. Econometrics, statistics, Econometrics, operations research, license program, mathematics and applied computer courses in conjunction with a program that is not affecting any business sınavlarındaki kapsamakla, in part to increase the chances of success of graduates introductory also includes law, business and finance courses in some. During testing of the structure section, theoretical studies are carried out on computer homework and project. Students completing part of Econometrics; Turkey Statistical Institute of the Ministry of development, the Central Bank, capital markets Board of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Ministry of Economy, all banks and ministries, research units, such as insurance and research companies to work in addition to being able to find a job, a survey of the employment branch of each job.