Programme Information
Elementary mathematics education is opened in 1998 as a department in Gazi University. Medium of instruction in elementary mathematics department is Turkish and study period in this department is 4 years. The department does not include evening education program and preparation program. In the program, field information courses, professional teaching knowledge courses, general knowledge courses and practice courses are included. Courses are conducted as theoratical and practical. Graduates who completes the program by performing its all requirements (against total 240 ECTS) takes the bachelor degree of elementary mathematics teacher. candidates who successfully completes the program will continue to graduate programs on mathematics education or connected fields under the condition that they get a valid mark on ALES examination and having a sufficient level of english. by the 2012-2013 education year, approximately 700 students are receive education at the department and 21 instructors (1 professor, 3 assoc. proffesors, 6 assist. professors, 2 teaching assistants and 10 research assistants) are lecturing at the department. By the 2011-2012 education year, 2nd elementary exposition was organised. During the expositon various materials are exhibited. Besides, each year Pi Day is being celebrated on 14th of March. In additon to this exhibiton of "figure trading and ability" is being organised. Conversations are being conducted by precious mathematicians betimes.