Programme Information
Teacher Training in Sciences programme was founded in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at the Gazi Faculty of Education to meet the need of Ministry of National Education for science teachers and 40 students were enrolled in the programme in academic year of 1992-1993. Teacher Training in Sciences programme was changed to Department of Teacher Training in Sciences in 1994 by the regulation of The Council of Higher Education. The students were admitted to the secondary (night school) programme in the academic year of 1997-1998. Departments and programs of education faculties were reconstructed in the academic year of 2016-2017 and Teacher Training in Sciences branch was started education in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education.The language of instruction is Turkish and it takes 4 years to complete undergraduate education in the programme. Programme has currently 11 professors, 4 associated professors, 5 assistant professors, 3 lecturer doctors and 8 research assistants at different fields of expertise. Undergraduate programme consist of courses about science, including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics; courses about pedagogical content knowledge; pedagogy and general knowledge. Additionally, students take on-field school experience and teaching practicum courses in order to take first steps towards becoming a science teacher.