Programme Information

Biology department was founded in 1982. The aim of the graduate programme in Biology Department is to make the students gain the ability of researching necessary knowledge of their studying area, evaluating and interpretating the information. The department offers four-year undergraduate education. There are 7 main branches in the biology department, General Biology, Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ecology, Developmental Biology and Biotechnology . In the department three are 24 Professors, 6 Assoc. Professors, 1 Ass. Professors, 16 research assistants, 5 experts.

Our students take 60 ECTS credits of elective courses as from 3. class in consequence of curriculum changes and studies in Bologna process. These courses are collected in three modules as Biodiversity and Conservation, Biotechnology and Microbiology and Molecular Cell and Genetics.

By department faculty members have a large number of scientific studies published in national and international journals. The part of the Scientific research is supported by DPT, TUBITAK and Gazi University Scientific Research Unit. he Degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. in biology are offered by the Institute of Science and Technology of GAZI University in cooperation with Biology department. There are 5 laboratories and Electron Microscope Unit (SEM, TEM) in the Biology department: Microtechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

In addition, the department has a collection of very large herbarium (GAZI) and the Zoology Museum.B. D. graduates assume Biologist title. Graduates can study in the laboratories of Ministry of Health, hospitals; Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Forestry also can be Teacher of Biology.