Programme Information
In the Department of Pedodontics, there are 6 professors, 3 associate professor . In the Department of Pedodontics there is a clinic of 20 units for students and a clinic of 4 units for educators, 1 meeting room, 1 laboratory, and assistant room with capacity of 20 people, 1 computer room which is also used as a library and rooms for educators. In the educators’ clinic there is a computer based radiovisiography (RVG) and radiography, 1 intra-oral camera, 2 ultrasonic cavitrons. Research topics; dental problems of disabled children, evaluation of infectivity windows with S. Mutans in relation to dental caries, cell contents of primary teeth with soundly or decayed, in-vivo and in-vitro analyze of carisolve, in-vitro analyze of zeolite, to compare calcium hydroxide and MTA in direct pulp capping, Celay systems in pedodontics, fluoride release from restorative material, alternative anesthesia techniques in pedodontics, bonding systems. In our department, 1 anesteziologist, 4 nurses and 1 technician, 1 secretary and 1 automation staff are working. From the foundation of the Grading system: University’s system is used.