Programme Information

Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts and Master of Arts in Education Programme 2012-2013 has started training. Traditional Turkısh Arts Master Program; where three Professor, two Assoc Professors, three Assist. Professors serves.  The graduate program are accepted students each semester, 

The purpose of is to educate students on the teorical and practical, and have the necessary knowledge for the use of this information, critically evaluate the work of the field, able to follow in the area of ​​national and international developments, perform contemporary level applications, to produce two-dimensional and moving images, original Turkish arts can create designs, with different topics envision and evaluate projects. In the field of life-long development process, prepare resources studies in the field of application of the social, scientific, ethical and cultural values, sensitive and respectful of individual rights and the environment in away intended to educate designers use traditional Turkish arts.