Programme Information
The purpose of the Masters program in Economic Development and Growth is to learn the theory and policies of development and growth, to make an application and comment on this area in order to measure income distribution and poverty, to examine the macroeconomic models of plans in Turkey in the light of economic planning theories, learning of development policies, understanding of regional development and planning. In addition to this, the examination of the structural and financial problems faced by todays Turkish Economy is among the other goals and achievements of the program. The first semester courses in this program are: Development Theories, Growth Theories, Income Distribution and Poverty, International Economics Theory, Economic Planning, Microeconomics and Economics. All of these courses are optional. In the second semester, the seminar course is obligatory. Other courses in this period should be elected. These are: Technology Policy and Development, Development Politics, General Equilibrium and Dynamic Growth Theories, Macro Economics, Turkish Economy, International Economics Policy and Development Studies.