Programme Information

The M.Sc. programme on International Economics aims to analyze Open Economy-Macro Economy, to give an idea about the various approaches to foreign trade, to teach the rules, institutions and process of world trade, to analyze the World economy, to examine firm behavior and the developments on microeconomic theory, to introduce to a range of statistical and econometric techniques commonly used in quantitative analysis. It also aims to overview the main trends in world economy by means of foreign trade, direct foreign investments and technology transfers, to analyze the theories on functioning of international monetary system and hence on the determination of foreign exchange rates, to search relationship between foreign trade and transfer of technology, to investigate the relationship between development and foreign trade, and to examine the effects of international capital movements.The compulsory courses of the first semester are: Macro Theory of Open Economy and Foreign Trade Theory. The elective courses of the first semester involves: Foreign Trade Policies, World Economy, Price Theory, International Economic Integrations and EU, Development Theories and Econometrics.  The compulsory courses of the second semester are:  Seminar, International Monetary Theory and International Capital Movements. The elective courses of the second semester involves: Foreign Trade and Technology Transfer, Advanced Technology Markets, Foreign Trade and Development, Transition Economies and Developing Market Economies ad Time Series Analysis.