Programme Information
First semester of the Master of Science programme on Economic Policy, beside the Macro and Microeconomics, aims to give the theoretical developments and the consequences of the applications of the public economics, the basic dynamics of labour markets from a gender perspective. It also aims to help decision-makers and researchers for gaining analysis ability about transport economics and policy in fields of transport. Second semester, beside the seminar course, aims to examine monetary, fiscal and development policies. This programme also introduces a range of statistical and econometric techniques commonly used in quantitative analysis.Professors of the programme: Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA ALTINTAŞ Prof. Dr. M NEJAT COŞKUN Prof. Dr. MUHTEŞEM KAYNAK Prof. Dr. AZİZ KONUKMAN Prof. Dr. M TUBA ONGUN Prof. Dr. SELAHATTİN TOGAY Prof. Dr. ŞEVKET TÜYLÜOĞLU Prof. Dr. HAKAN N. ARDOR Prof.. Dr. MÜSLÜME NARİN Prof. Dr. FAHRİYE ÖZTÜRK Prof. Dr. İBRAHİM TOKATLIOĞLU Doç. Dr. HAKKI OZAN ERUYGUR Doç. Dr. FİLİZ ELMAS Yrd. Doç. Dr. METİN SARAÇOĞLU