Programme Information
The Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Literature, was founded in 2003. Our department has been offering postgraduate programs since 2004 and a graduate program since 2011. The curriculum is designed as a unitary program that consists of three majors: Pre-historical Archaeology, Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology, and Classical Archaeology. Our departmental staff is formed by academics specialized in the aforementioned majors. Our academic team is currently composed of two Professors, one Associate Professor, two Doctor lecturer, one lecturer and three Research Assistant. The courses of the Graduate program cover a long period that begins with Prehistorical Period and extends to the Middle Ages. The courses are built to prioritize Anatolian Archaeology while still comprehensively analyzing the relation and interaction of Anatolia with its surrounding region and cultures, thus aiming at offering the students a general archaeological formation. In addition to their educational functions, the departmental staff has been carrying out other academic activities and various field works such as excavations and surveys in different regions of Turkey.