Programme Information
Life science or biology with the definition that everyone can understand, is a science that investigates living beings and all related incidents to understand the mysteries of life. Many Biology branches as botanic, zoology and medicine is based on an old history. However,collecting them under one category of biology has been the emergence in the19th century. The main reason for the interest in the biology is lying on  the willingness of human beings to dominate nature and to use the natural resources. Another part of the interest comes from the desire to understand it, rather than a desire to control nature, Because the main cause of many environmental problems that we are facing today is Humanity do not understand well enough many natural phenomena constantly happening in the world. The basic element of life is liveliness. Therefore Biology will be one of the most important branches of science in the future. The basic objective of the department is to educate qualified biologist who acquired both theoretical and application information by using the appropriate research facilities, who undertaken production and implementation of information on as a duty, equipped, courageous, entrepreneurs  in the field of life sciences according to current needs. For this reason, our department has been established in 2010 with in the Gazi University Polatlı Faculty of Arts and Sciences and also our department gives 4 years of undergraduate education. The curriculum of the department includes the general frame work of general biology, botany, zoology,molecular biology, ecology and hydrobiology courses. Also student are encouraged to gain new experiences with other domestic and over seas universities  by student exchange programs as Farabi and Erasmus for a semester or a year.