Programme Information

The department of physics was officially established on17.10.2012 in Polatlı Faculty of Arts and Sciences by the Council of Ministers. The department has 1 Professor, 2 Assoc. Prof.,1 Assis. Prof. and 2 Research Assistants. The department has mechanical,electrical, electronics, quantum optics and waves laboratories.

The main objective of the department in national and particularly international level is to contribute to the science of physics. In this section, an ability to think scientifically and become equipped to solve the problems faced in their professional lives, science and technology adapted to the necessary qualifications and have a basic knowledge to do their own contribution to the physicists of the future is to train scientists candidates. The training of man power needed to achieve this goal, given the necessary attention.Undergraduate students in education to become more effective theoretical issues, as well as to consolidate them with the purpose of laboratory work and student projects are also very important.