Programme Information

Description; The program of Traditional Turkish Arts trainsdesigners equipped with technical knowledge and skills believing theconservation of Turkish – Islamic culture and passing it to coming generations,producing works in this field and making interdisciplinary connections.

The program is a four year undergraduateeducation comprising general knowledge, theoretical and practical knowledge andfield courses. The program offers three fields of specialization.

  1. Book Arts (KST)

  2. Tile Design (ÇST)

  3. Tapestry and Old Fabric Designs(HKT)

The Mission of the Program

Its mission is to train artists and designersin the fields of Traditional Turkish Arts at undergraduate level, who areequipped with scientific and aesthetic qualifications in the field ofTraditional Turkish Arts, being able to carry out original designs in his/herfield, being able to design products, systems and processes depending onscientific researches and qualitative education, being able to turn the ideainto a model and create high value works of art with a high added value in thecultural and artistic sector at national and international level, depending onhistorical, cultural and artistic values with a high self esteem and a goodvision and with a tendency to interdisciplinary studies, being able to thinkflexibly and freely, having an ethical responsibility.

The Vision of the Program

Its vision is to offer an education of art arespectful and preferable art education being with a pioneer, stronginfrastructure at national and international level in the education of Turkish– Islamic arts for the cultural studies of Traditional Turkish Arts.