Programme Information

The material remnants  that bear trace  of earlycultures  reflect  the historical  development  which weestablish  the future  on it. It is very important to conserve the work which forms the equity ofthe scientific studies against thefactors  treating our cultural and historical  heritage’spermanence  and continuity. With reference  to the fact thatTurkey  is one of the countries in the world is in need ofprotection personnel/experts, the department of Conservation  andRestoration  of Cultural Heritage  has been established. It aimsto bring up qualified  members of profession and scientists whosetechnical knowledge  and abilities are developed, who can contribute the country’s  needs  by monitoring and commenting on  theactivities both in the country and the world from theoretical and technicalaspects.

In2013-2014 Instruction–Education Year, beginning of the students’admission, four-year education will be applied  in this department.The instruction and education in this department will be about like ceramics,tile, stone, metal, glass, textile, paper, wood, icon, painting on-canvas,wallpainting, mosaic belonging to estate orasset archeologic and ethnographic quality.

Theconservators will be brought up  on scientific observation andresearch, method developing and determination, application  andevaluation of the application  results. The department, in addition to theinstruction-education, with the help of protection science, by workingcollaboratively with such as archaeology, art history, fine arts,museology, architecture, mineralogy, microbiology, petrography and archeometry,different arts, social and physical sciences, it will develop  diagnosisand treatment to estate  or asset  quality of work, building andbuilding  materials aiming at the protection. With its researchand application projects, it will also play an important role inprotection of our cultural heritage, and take it as a duty.