Programme Information

In this global age, visual culture became the most effective and decisive notion of world of art and communication. Along with the transfer of experience and knowledge, the art of photography and video began to stand out as productive factors of creativity. The scope of Photography and Video affects various fields  and from art to media, advertisement to education and it is reputed as fundamental means of communication in visual culture. The Bachelor's Degree in Photography and Video is build to supply the needs in this field with new photographers and cinematographers. 
Photography and Video Department aims to pass the practical and theoretical knowledge to its students by the hands of its competent and experienced academicians and present young artists to the fields of art, television and advertisement. In accordance with this purpose, its programme intends to follow the developments and advancements happening in both Turkey and the world and to train students who can create artworks and produce academic works in the fields of Visual culture, Art of Photography and Cinema.